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Jul 25, 2019
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Choosing a Double Bass How-To

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Choosing a Double Bass

Which Double Bass Instrument is the Best Choice for You?

WHEN IT COMES to choosing what musical instrument to take up, the double bass instrument does not come high on most people’s lists!

Many school music departments do not even own a double bass or if they do it’s quite likely to be in really bad shape.

School musicians rarely play them because they’re expensive to buy, hard to hire, awkward for small fingers to play, and in the bigger sizes need a willing parent with a big car to do the ferrying around.

On top of all that, it is hard to be a star on the double bass, which is often hard to hear in a loud band or orchestra.

The jazz world has many bass stars. However, when you get to listen to it properly, the bass makes a wonderful, rich sound, and has a character all of its own.

Thankfully, plenty of young musicians still get bitten by the bug to play an instrument that has no wires or buttons and looks like a piece of antique furniture.

Most young bassists did not play the bass to start with classical players often started on the cello first, and most other kinds of musicians started on electric bass guitar.

Double Bass for Sale Here are some tips when buying your double bass instrument:

  1. Do not buy a bass that too big. Many students do. You have to be able to play the whole bass in tune.
  2. How close is the sound to what you want?

Will the instrument allow you to develop a sound you can be responsible for? You cannot manipulate the sound that’s not there.

  1. Don’t buy anything too expensive.

Buy something you can afford until you develop your ear. One of the best double bass instruments for the beginner is the mini-bass. They cost about £600 and they are becoming more common in schools.

After the mini bass, you can get 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 size double basses also. These start at around £400. Double bass set up one of the most important tasks to ensure your bass is going to work well is to have it professionally “set-up”.

This means the sound post (a piece of wood that sits beneath the bridge) and the bridge are in the right place and that the strings are set at the correct height. If this isn’t done then your lovely new instrument, will not sound its best and be difficult to play.

Double Bass Strings because double bass strings are so thick they last a long time. Around 3 years is quite normal although a set of bass strings will set you back about £80. Maintenance Like all string instruments your double bass needs a fair amount of tender loving care.


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