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Oct 12, 2019
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Why Bother To Modify A Guitar?

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Why Bother To Modify A Guitar?

Most people who own an electric guitar will never think to modify or customize it in any way. It may not seem important to change an instrument that you buy, and with most instruments, this is true. The electric guitar, however, can be a much different issue. Unless you are buying a top of the line model, you will most likely end up with a decent instrument that includes a few not so decent parts. Guitar moods can low cost and rewarding way to improve and maximize your instrument.

Made Guitar around 500USD

It becoming more and more possible to find a well-made guitar for around $500, but these instruments will have some parts on them that could be and should improve. Most of the time, such parts will include the pickup rings, tone and volume knobs, truss rod cover, and maybe a few others. Anything that you see on your guitar that made out of plastic should remove and upgraded with some better parts.

Getting some wooden parts to go in their place

Doing so will not only improve the look of your guitar, but it will beneficially affect the sound as well. Plastic parts do not carry sound well and add unfavorable colors to your tone. Getting some wooden parts to go in their place, At least some metal parts will have a much better effect on your sound.

 Improve all Aspects of Your Instrument

With some careful research and planning, you should be able to find some replacement parts online or at a local guitar store that can really improve all aspects of your instrument, and the best part about most of these changes is that they are usually doing yourself with the aid of some simple tools. Pickup rings, knobs, and truss rod covers can be unscrewed and easily removed, and then the new pieces can screw back on in their place, provided they fit properly.

Customizing Your Guitar

Since prices for wooden and metal replacement parts are usually not too bad, the act of customizing your guitar with moods can be relatively cheap and effective, and the end result will be an instrument that rivals some of the higher-end guitars that may cost hundreds or thousands more.

Joy to play your Guitar

It is important for a musician to be working with the best possible instrument that they can. It should joy to play your guitar so that you are encouraged to practice and perform more often, and modifying your instrument may the best way to increase the pleasure you get from playing it. It’s not just pointless vanity to go through the effort of improving your guitar; it can increase your connection to the instrument and help you become a better musician.

If you have an electric guitar that you are not quite happy with, consider what types of simple guitar modifications you can enact to improve its playability, look, and sound.

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