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Nov 10, 2019
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Which Guitar to Buy

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Which Guitar to Buy

This article is based entirely on my own opinion which I appreciate may differ from another knowledgeable guitarist. However, I base my opinion on my experience with using many different types and styles of guitar from different manufacturers and price ranges also using recommendations from many dealers, wholesalers and shop owners.

This information is purely neutral, and I am no way working in collaboration with any dealer in order to promote their products (yet). So I encourage you to challenge this article is you disagree with any of the advice offered or even the recommendation of any of these guitar brands.

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1  Gibson  Martin  Taylor Modulus 
2 Fender  Gibson  Cordoba  Fender
3 Paul Reed Smith Maton  Jose Ramirez  Warwick
4 ESP  Taylor  Manuel Rodriguez  Music Man
5 Ibanez  Stonebridge  Godin  ESP
6  Gretsch  Breedlove  Takamine  Ibanez
7 Rickenbacker   Yamaha Yamaha   Conklin
8 Breedlove Washburn  Guild  Breedlove
9 Parker  Cort  Kremona  Hofner
10 Yamaha    Seagull  Ibanez  Schechter
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