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Aug 1, 2019
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TC Electronic Classic 450 Bass Amp

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TC Electronic Classic450 Bass Amp

TC Electronic Classic 450 Bass Amp, Today a quick review of TC Electronics Classic Bass amp.

If someone asks me how to describe this amp in a few words, will look like this?

Great tone, enough power and really easy to use!

Let’s have a look on the front panel of TC ELECTRONICS Classic 450 Bass Amp.

First thing on the left-hand side of TC Electronic Classic 450 bass amp is input. The input accepts active and passive bass guitars.

Classic 450 Bass Amp will work well with all vintage basses and with all-new active bass guitars on market.

To edit your sound TC Electronic provides us 4 tools on Classic450. As a first one, we have Bass, LO Mid, Hi Mid, and Treble. Easy to access and edit your sound with these knobs.

In addition to the control section, they added the Tube tone button which is full-on tube amp simulation.

In another word, it’s not a single tube in the preamp kind of simulation that you can find around on another amp. Like I said it’s a full-on preamp simulation from preamp that seats before the tone controls and also the power amp that seats after tone controls. Turning Tube tone control button from 0 to 10 I guarantee you that you will find the sound that is right for you. More you add more character you will have. Turning all the way up will add overdrive on your sound if that’s what you are looking for.

As the third tool on TC Electronics Classic 450 Bass Amp, we have Spectra comp.

Spectra comp is totally different from the other Compressors that you can find on the other bass guitar amps.

Spectra comp allows us to control Lows, Midds and High totally independently. For you as a bass player means that you can add compression and have much more transparency on it and you will have more snappy and tight sound without killing your dynamics entirely. Very easy to operate, set on a scale from 0 to 10.  Led light is also there to show you how much compression you have added to your sound. On the far right-hand side is a master knob that’s sets power of the output of 450 W.

The last button on the front panel is a mute button that allows you to mute speaker output and line output for tuning or changing your bass guitar or when you want to have a brake.

On the right-hand side, we have a balanced output, which is isolated completely of the amp.

The high-quality output that you could use to connect to the PA or when you are recording in the studio.

Line out also features pre and post switch. This allows you to select that sound will be before the preamp, tone controls, spectra comp, tube tone or after the preamp.

Next set of connectors is the effects loop. In other words preamp output and power amp input connector.

The preamp output also doubles as a tuner output connector. This means when you hit the mute button on the front panel muting the line driver output and your speaker output the tuner will still feed signal to your tuner. Great idea. Hat down.

On the left-hand side, we have switch mode power supply which allows Classic 450 Bass Amp to play anywhere in the world on any main voltage that you can find. Switch from 90 to 240 volts no matter where are you at that moment. Just plug in your Bass, turn on your amp and start playing.

And for the end, we have quarter-inch connector combined with the speaker connector for connecting to the cabinets. Classic 450 will drive any three TC cabinets in any combination or any 4 ohms standard of any other cabinets.

The active power management system inside of Classic 450 Bass Amp inshore that Classic 450 behaves very much like a tube amp when it goes cranked up. Includes natural compression that you can find in a lot of tube amps on market making sure that you have maximum power impact out of your amp.


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