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Sep 1, 2019
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SINGORAMA Software Review 2020

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SINGORAMA Software Review 

Welcome to our SINGORAMA Software Review. 

Review online music courses as a matter of practicability for those who are seeking research on online music products. many such programs and pass along our findings.  We only recommend the best of our products reviewed.

Now it’s on to the review.  SINGORAMA makes several claims about their product such as; “easiest-to-follow system”, ” jam-packed with quality information”, and “soon you will be able to sing with the range and control of a professional” to name a few.

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As is our custom with all reviews, our SINGORAMA Software Review, will test the clams of the course and apply several criteria of our own as we work our way through the program.  We attempt to punch holes in bogus claims and apply criteria grounded in learning techniques that we KNOW work well.  If courses make the grade that’s great but if they don’t then we say so.

Although the SINGORAMA folks call it a ”learn to sing training package” we noticed it has 28 audio ‘lessons’ so we decided to review it as a ‘course.’

When I began looking at this course, I was not sure what to expect.  After going through it with a degreed music educator’s eye, I found several things that impressed me.  The first thing that sticks out as a slam-dunk toward meeting our review criteria is the emphasis on warm-up exercises.

“Yuk”, you might think, exercises. Maybe, “I came to this SINGORAMA Software Review to find an easier way.”  I understand and have done my share of avoiding exercises in the past too.  However, here’s something I’ve learned, and obviously the SINGORAMA folks have too, over the years.  If you do not warm up the ‘instrument’ do not expect it to ‘play’ in tune or with a warm rich tone.

How old ARE you?

How’s that for namedropping?) Brass player too. can recall how a cold mouthpiece just would not ‘buzz’ like a warm one and a cold instrument was almost impossible to tune.  “Earth to self…the same goes for a voice.”  If you do not warm up the ‘pipes’ properly you will get a less than the desired result.

Our SINGORAMA Software Review discovered that SINGORAMA has come up with a very distinctive and effective warm-up methodology.   It’s not BORIN.   More importantly, if used as prescribed it starts making a difference very quickly in the old voice box. 

You start to notice less straining for high notes, an increase in range, and more control, which translates into better pitch control. 

Voice fatigue becomes less noticeable the longer you use the system. 

The ‘exercises’ included taking the user through the paces via activity-based learning which meets one of our prime criteria for learning.

The SINGORAMA Software Review also found a unique piece of software included that brought a smile to the lips of this old trombone player. 

They include a pitch (‘gotta’ have an ear to play ‘bone’) tool in the form of a software package called the Singorama Mini Recording Studio so that you can record and playback your voice right on your computer. 

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