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Aug 26, 2019
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Singing Exercises You Can Do at Home

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Singing Exercises You Can Do at Home

One of the big problems facing most singers is hitting the high notes. Singing Exercises You Can Do at Home, Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem: regular singing exercises.

Singing exercises are the key to singing high notes and hitting them. All professional singers, especially opera singers, do regular exercises almost every day. They do this because the only way to train your voice to hit the high notes is by exercising it.

Singing Exercises every day

Just doing a few basic singing exercises every day can help you learn how to hit the high notes. Performing regular singing exercises will help you increase your vocal range and give you more confidence in your singing.

One of the best vocal exercises is articulation, this means trying to be more specific in pronunciation and usage. This is the technique that professional speakers like lawyers, politicians, and preachers use. Practicing articulation on a regular basis will help you improve your everyday speech as well as your singing. Exaggerating your lips and teeth will help you articulate the words. The best place to practice your articulation is in front of the mirror so you can see yourself sing.

Sign Everything Through even if you hit

Remember you do not get a chance to stop and start again when you are singing on the stage. Do not get into that bad habit when you are doing your singing exercise. 

Modifying your vowels is a good exercise that can help you.Then record those singing exercises and listen to them so you can see how well the changes that you are making work. This way you can learn what vowels work for you and what vowels don’t work for you.

Try singing as low possible when you do your exercises. This a great way to stretch your vocal cords and get yourself ready to sing at a higher voice. Be careful not to strain your voice when you do this because you can hurt your vocal cords that way.

Before you start your singing exercises, try stretching your jaw and your face. This will relax you and keep you from getting tense. Singing when you are tense can hurt your vocal cords.

Filling Your Abdomen

Remember to practice your breathing when you do your singing exercises. People who breathe through their bellies use only half of their muscles. Proper breathing means that you are filling your abdomen with the air you should be able to feel this. A great way to tell that you are breathing properly is to look and see if your belly is moving. If your chest is moving but your belly isn’t you aren’t breathing correctly.

If you are not breathing correctly when you sing, you should learn some breathing exercises. You can learn to breathe exercises from books or online research or by talking to a doctor or vocal coach. Proper breathing exercises will help you make your singing exercises more effective.

Always be relaxed when you do your singing exercises if you are tense will be more likely to hurt yourself. If you need to get relaxed, do not rely on drugs or alcohol to mellow yourself out. Instead, learn some relaxation techniques such as those used in yoga.

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