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Aug 31, 2019
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Simple Breathing Exercises For Singing

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Simple Breathing Exercises For Singing

The voice is the main musical instrument of the body. Simple Breathing Exercises For Singing, For some people, it is a tool used for work. Maintaining our voice is essential no matter if we are professional singers or beginners and are just learning how to sing. If we do not take care of our voice appropriately, it can bring about problems such as respiratory infections, inflammation of the throat, and so on.

We now are going to discuss several healthy practices and other items that we should refrain or stay away from in order to keep up decent vocal strength.

Several good habits to always remember

Consume plenty of water, 2 liters or more or 8-10 glasses daily, this is not only useful for the body but can also keep the vocal cords hydrated.

Consume foods that are easy to digest such as fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry. Apples are great to help clean out the mouth. Citrus fruits are helpful in giving you additional vitamin C to keep the common cold away.

Try to sleep at least 8 hours per day, particularly prior to a vocal presentation; sleeping enough each day can give your body additional endurance and can help fight off ailments that could sooner or later affect your throat and vocal cords.

Sit upright and maintain good stance for when you breathe. This will help your lungs fill to their fullest capacity and help control your air intake.

Regularly break in your voice before singing; this could stop you from injuring your voice and will keep your voice more in shape.

A few things to avoid 

Do not consume spicy foods, which can aggravate the throat, especially immediately prior to singing.

Do not wear very snug clothing, especially on the abdomen, breast, and throat, which may restrain the air control and breathe necessary for a perfect presentation.

Refrain or stay away from being subject to frigid winds; frigid air often can dry up the vocal cords.

Do not drink chilled or iced liquids that may cause your voice to crack easier, impeding on your voice’s maximum reach.

Try not to scream or speak really loud, this may cause you to lose your voice rapidly.

Avoid going to places that are very noisy that may because you to talk on top of the sound, this can waste your voice.

Not smoke; any person already understands that this, in fact, can mutilate your voice slowly over time. It also harmful to the lungs and will not permit them to fill with air to their full capacity.

Don’t sing too loud, pushing yourself to reach notes which are at a higher vocal register, this may tire your vocal cords and possibly injure them.

If we wish to sing effectively, we do not simply have to have perfect vocal techniques and methods but we also have to have healthy habits and take decent care of our voice. Our vocal cords are like all the other muscles in our body that have to have good cultivation, relaxation, and attention so that they perform effectively.

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