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Jul 24, 2019
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Practically both these instruments have an opportunity to have more than they have paid for. Bass players always ignored until one day Roland decided to help us out. Some smart people from Roland decided to make every single bass player very happy. V-BASS was on the market!

Finally, the era of big (and heavy) amps and boxes has finished. Opportunity to have an amp, box (or combo stack), all effects were in such a small box light enough to lift with just one hand.

And not only that. Options such as choosing the microphone and even a room where play. What can I say except THANK YOU ROLAND?

With just one click you are able to have one of many professionally produced sounds and guess what? You are able to play them in real-time.

One thing that you have to understand 

THIS IS A NOT MIDI UNIT, no sample triggered. Latency, zero; o). V-BASS will make you play differently.

Friend of mine once made a comment about V-BASS 

V-Bass makes other effect boards look like baby toys’. Once you have tried V-BASS, you will know why; o)

Making your bass sound like a fretless for example without spending years learning on an actual fretless (with all respect to fretless bass players). EASY!

To make it short you can get any sound from an old school upright to fretless, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller or anything else you can think of.

If you have enough space between your bridge and your bridge pickup, you are ready to start.

Many of bass players said that V-Bass it is not cheap. My answer to that is ‘Let’s say that you’ll use just 5 presets of many that you have. Can you imagine buying 5 different top guitars? Each one will cost you on average $2,000. Do I have to continue; o)?

For under $2,000 you can have more than 5 guitars, more than 5 top amps, more than 5 efx pedals, etc. Just try to calculate how much you will pay for them.

Old state and tube amps, cabs and original models, classic basses or to create your own is just a single piece of send in a desert. Effects include polyphonic effects, modeled wah, compression, modeled overdrive/distortion, chorus, delay, reverb, fantastic synth bass sounds and stuff you have never heard before.

Roland V BASS and GK-3B pickup can take you into a very new dimension.

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