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Oct 8, 2019
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Promoting Yourself Online as a Film Composer

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Promoting Yourself Online as a Film Composer

In this post you can follow about The internet can provide film composers with all sorts of new self-promotional opportunities, and the benefits of this fact can great for individuals determined to make it in the film music industry. Promoting Yourself Online as a Film Composer, Not only has the internet expanded the reach of composers to connect with filmmakers around the world, but the cheapening of video equipment and other factors have to lead to more films made and more directors looking for music. In order to take advantage of this fact, modern film composers must apt to promote themselves on the internet.

Music and Information about Your Services

This all starts with having a website. You need somewhere to have samples of your music and information about your services is you wish to be a freelance composer.

There are sites like MySpace that you can put music on free, and this the best thing to do if you do not have your own site, but with your own site, you are afforded much greater flexibility and functionality, and it gives a much more professional impression. This can be an important factor if you want to make a good impression with prospective clients.

Music and get a Better Idea of You

Once you have a website that people can visit to hear your music and get a better idea of you, you can start effectively promoting yourself. This should start with getting yourself listed on some of the freelance music composer’s sites that are out there. Find any directory you can that will let composers submit their names and get some type of listing. These are usually free, and each one of them could bring you some traffic and potential new listeners.

Join Filmmaking and Music Composition Forums

Another good strategy could be to join filmmaking and music composition forums around the web. There are probably tons of these and becoming an established name on them can help you meet others in the business and get your music out there to a wider audience. Make sure that you put a link back to your website so that people who read your posts can find your music and see what you are all about.

Start a YouTube channel and make film composing or film music

Something else that is quite helpful is to start a YouTube channel and make film composing or film music-related videos.This can give you access to YouTube’s tremendous amounts of traffic and can help you find others who are interested in the same thing.

If you can make some music videos for your work, you can get them to go a long way towards promoting yourself as a composer, as there is a large audience for music videos on the site. However, promoting your videos on YouTube is another subject in its own right.

Becoming a Known Composer

The internet has made a composer or musician a much more viable path’ for many people who otherwise would not have had a chance at becoming a known composer. Websites can give you an unparalleled reach throughout the world for very little cost, and if you want to make it in today’s film music atmosphere, you will have to take advantage of this fact.

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