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Aug 3, 2019
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Parts of the Guitar – Electric Guitar Basics

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Parts of the Guitar 

Parts of the Guitar – Electric Guitar Basics, The electric guitar is quite different. Most electric guitars are solid wood or solid body. The sound must amplify through an amplifier. This is done by a series of magnets that are in what called a pick-up. The coils within the pickup are wired and sent through a cable or radio cable to the amplifier where the signal is amplified. Let’s take a look at the components of the electric guitar:

Parts of the Guitar - Electric Guitar Basics

Electric Guitar Basics


This is quite the same as the acoustic. However, in this illustration, the tuning pegs are all on the top. This is very common with today’s most popular electric guitars. However, many still have the traditional 3 pegs on top, three pegs on the bottom.

String Tree

This is to help hold the B and High E string down on the nut. This is due to the last tuning pegs distanced too far away from the nut in which the B and High E strings do not have enough pressure applied to the nut.

Position Markers

Also on the acoustic guitar, these help you to find you are positioning on the guitar neck. The two dots indicate an octave. Which basically E A D G B E one octave higher in pitch.


The frets are the metal inlays on the guitar neck. However, when we refer to the frets, we are actually talking about the box before the metal fret. The metal fret is what the string is pressing against when you push down on the first box so to speak. When you push down a string on the fret…. it gives you a different note. There are usually dots to help you know which fret you’re on. These dots are usually on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th & two dots on the 12th fret. They used as kind of a road map to the fretboard.


The cutaway allows you to place your hand down on the highest possible notes or frets. Not very common on an acoustic guitar. However, many acoustic electrics have a cutaway.


(Whammy bar)- This changes the pitch of every string manually by loosening up the bridge. This is where you get that great Waa Waa sound.


The pickups do just that. They pick up the signal of the vibrating string and send the signal through the wiring to the amplifier. These are usually magnetized. However, many companies have come out with newer technologies that do not use magnets.

Pickup Selector

This used to switch between pickups. When you select different pickups, you get different tones. The pickup closest to the neck will give you a deeper smooth tone. While the pickup closest to the bridge will give you a higher tone.

Volume and Tone

Many times while playing the electric guitar you will need to switch from very strong loud tones to very smooth quiet tones. This can do with the volume and tone control on the guitar.


Where you plug the guitar into the amplifier.

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