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Aug 19, 2019
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Beginner Guitar Songs – Never Enough

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Beginner Guitar Songs – Never Enough

You will need to know these lessons to read tab and learn the basic guitar chords.


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Ok! Let’s put your basic skills to practical use so you can actually feel the difference in playing alongside a bassist, drummer, and lead guitarist.

You can jam how you want over these beginner guitar songs, but you first need to know the tab and the chords used in the song.

Beginner Guitar Song 1 – Never Enough

This is a simple song I wrote using the chords we’ve learned in this beginner’s section of the website.

Here’s the tab.

Beginner Guitar Songs Jam Room


Song Structure

Follow this timeline of events…

Verse tab – 4 times

Bridge tab – once

Chorus tab – 2 times

Verse tab – 4 times

Bridge tab – once

Chorus tab – 4 times

Interlude – This is just the same as the verse tab, you do not have to pay anything over this part though as it acts as a sort of “breather”

Bridge tab – once

Chorus tab (with solo) – 4 times and that’s it!

Before you play along with the band, have a listen to the track or strum through the tab on your own to practice changing between the chords.

Remember, if you feel you are not ready to do this yet then go over the beginner guitar lessons once again and keep at it.

Before the band starts playing, you will be counted in by 8 beats on the symbol.

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I am a leader of the music band and playing the instrument of keyboards, I have ear about song notes and chords, usually, i tried help to others like music,

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