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Jul 26, 2019
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Music Theory Quiz Test To Your Knowledge

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Music Theory Quiz Test your knowledge

Therefore, you think you know your music theory. Let us test your knowledge with a simple music theory quiz.

  1. What is Rhythm?

  2. What is a Semitone?

  3. What is Sharp?

  4. What is the symbol below called?
  5. What is an Accompaniment?

  6. What is the purpose of a Bar line?

  7. What is Accidental?

  8. What does the symbol below mean? Well, how did you do? If you found these questions easy then you obviously know your music theory basics. However, if you were not so sure then it time you brushed up your knowledge.
  9. Rhythm regular repeated pattern of sound.

  10. A Semitone is the smallest gap between one note and the next. Also, call a half step.
  11. A Minim lasts for two beats.

  12. A Sharp is a sign that tells you to play one semitone higher in pitch.
  13. It’s called a Treble Clef.
  14. An Accompaniment is a musical part that supports a melody.
  15. A Bar Line divides the music up into small pieces to make it easier to read.
  16. An Accidental sign that tells you to play a sharp or flat that not in the key signature (shown at the beginning of the music)
  17. The Key of a piece of music tells you what sharps or flats to play.
  18. This symbol tells you that there are 6 quavers (eighth notes) in a bar.

Go to the music theory lesseons here..

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