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Jul 26, 2019
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Music Technology Guide for Musicians

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Music Technology Guide for Musicians

Music Technology Guide for Musicians, technology changes so fast, and although I love keeping up with the latest and greatest gadgets.

a great deal of the products bought to market can sometimes be a step backward in terms of actually making music.

They are often too complicated and the user manual is a useless piece of paper!

Ultimately, use music technology should aid the making of music and not force you to spend hours learning new techniques and methods.

The first music technology has concentrated on is how you listen to your music.

What Mp3 Player is in Your Pocket?

What Headphones Do You Use?

From cheap $1 headphones to Bose, noise-canceling headphones, which cost in the $100, have to headphone, which cost $1000.

Creating music using technology has come a long way from the humble piano and acoustic guitar, and some may say that the forward march of progress has not increased the quality of music composed.

However, there no denying that the influx of new and exciting methods has pushed the barriers of what can be achieved.

One of the devices with the most potential the Apple iPad and iPhone apps and not forgetting the android contingent. The computer still the hub for making music,

two programs that used by millions of users Garageband and at the other of the spectrum, final cut pro Recordings a huge topic, and a great way to get sound into your laptop is the griffin I mic.


I am a leader of the music band and playing the instrument of keyboards, I have ear about song notes and chords, usually, i tried help to others like music,

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