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Jul 30, 2019
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MTD Kingston Z6 Series Bass Guitar

MTD-Kingston-Z6-Series-Bass-Guitar, Michael Tobias Design, also known as MTD, has been manufacturing uniquely high-quality bass guitars for almost twenty years and its direct predecessor, Tobias Guitars, originally founded in 1977.

In their small workshop at Woodstock, New York, Tobias himself along with two helpers make around ten bass guitars every month but access to this quality of the product has extended thanks to large-scale manufacturing abroad, all of which stays true to Tobias`s original design.

The Kingston range, along with the Heir and Saratoga options,

examples of these guitars that offer MTD-level quality at a much more affordable price range.


The Kingston basses constructed with a solid mahogany core and topped with burled maple,

which assures the perfect combination of impressive design and flawless performance.

The Kingston basses are an ideal choice for the discerning musician, as they are renowned for their clarity, feel and response, all of them combine to create an unparalleled playing experience and excellent sound.

The Kingston guitars share certain features across the range, including the ergonomic body and asymmetrical neck design, but there are also numerous variations, including the `Jazz-style` Saratoga and the so-called Classic Rock Bass, or CRB.

The Z variety is a different guitar altogether,

though it still benefits from the great design and general affordability of the Kingston range.

It has a one-piece neck design and is available in four different colors, from translucent cherry to tobacco sunburst, so musicians who are looking for a certain aesthetic will not be disappointed. In technical terms too, the Z range does not fail to impress with a shielded electronics compartment and Buzz Feiten Tuning System, as well as five different controls.

These allow the bassist to adjust volume, bass, middle, treble and pickup pan all from knobs on the guitar itself, all of designed to fit in with the bass`s overall look.

The number after the Z in the guitar`s description refers to the number of strings on the bass, ranging from four to six, so the Z6 offers the musician the greatest possible range.

Overall, the MTD Kingston Z6 an excellent instrument, impressively put together with a design that both aesthetically and practically pleasing with all the necessary features to produce a clear, high-quality sound with minimal fuss.

The Kingston Z6 very much a standalone instrument but it would not be out of place in any wider band setup, any bassist with good sense will be impressed with the MTD Kingston Z6.


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