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Jul 28, 2019
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Michael Jackson – Will You Be There

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Will You Be There – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – Will You Be There

Artist   –  Michael Jackson 
Song   –  Will You Be There?
Chord   –  D



| D |D/Em| D |D/Em|

| D | –      | –  |Em   | //



D            D/Em          D

Hold me like the river jordan

D      Em   D           D         Em      D  | Em |

I will then say thee you are my friend

D             D         Em  D

Carry me  you are my brother

D      Em    D        D        Em      D  | Em |

Love me a mother will you be there



| D |D/Em| D |D/Em|

| D | –      | –  |Em   | //

[Verse 1]


D                   Em    D

Weary tell me you hold me

D       Em      D         D            Em              D   Em

When wrong will you scold me lost will you find me

D                       Em                    D

But they told me a man should be faithful

D     Em           D                 Em              D                         Em

And walk when not able and fight till the end but I’m only human



| D |D/Em| D |D/Em|

| D | –      | –  |Em   | //

[Verse 2]


F               Eb              D

Everyone’s making control of me

F                      Eb               D

Seems that the world’s got a role for me

F                 Eb              D

I’m so confused will you show to me

C                                       A                          E

You’ll be there for me and care enough to bear me



E           F#m               E

Hold me lay your head lowly

E /F#m           E   E/F#m         E  | F#m |

Softly then boldly carry me there

E           E/F#m                 E

Lead me love me and feed me

E/F#m         E          E/F#m    E         | F#m |

Kiss me and free me i will feel blessed

F#      F#/Abm  F#

Carry carry me boldly

F#/Abm    F#      F#/Abm F#    |Abm|

Lift me up slowly carry me there

F#      F#/Abm  F#

Save me heal me and bathe me

F#/Abm    F#         F#/Abm    F# |Abm|

Softly you say  me I will be there

Ab        Ab/Bbm       Ab

Lift me lift me up slowly

Ab/Bbm   Ab       Ab/Bbm         Ab  | Bbm |

Carry me boldly show me you care

Ab         Ab/Bbm          Ab

Hold me lay your head lowly

Ab/Bbm      Ab       Ab/Bbm    Ab  |Bbm |

Softly then boldly carry me there

Ab          Ab/Bbm        Ab

Need me love me and feed me

Ab/Bbm        Ab       Ab/Bbm      Ab    |Bbm |

Kiss me and free me I will feel blessed


Details of  The – Will You Be There

Song Title          : Will You Be There

Artist                  : Michael Jackson

Album               : Dangerous

Released           : June 28, 1993

Genre                : PopR&B, Gospel

Songwriter(s)    : Michael Jackson

Producer(s)       : Michael Jackson ,Bruce Swedien

Audio Length    : 03:39

Bit Rate             : 128 Kbps

Format               :  MP3

Listen And Download The – Will You Be There Mp 3 


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