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Oct 8, 2019
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Leisure and Composing Music

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Leisure and Composing Music

Something not talked about often enough in regards to composing music, or producing any type of art for that matter, is the importance of leisure time. To be sure, the actual craft of writing music requires detailed and determined study, and you will not be able to compose great music without that effort, but art also requires more ambiguous things like feeling and inspiration. This where leisure time comes in.

What makes art Significant

The best composers in the world still need some type of feeling to strike them in order to produce their great work. What makes art significant is that it contains something more than the purely physical nature of the piece itself; there are human thoughts and feelings conveyed in it (if it is art).

Lead to Musical Inspiration

A composer will not get these inspirations from studying music all day in their room; they come from experiencing and reflecting on life. There a fuel that music created on, and it can come from anything from other works of art to events that happen in life. Beethoven used to take walks that would often lead to musical inspiration, and without that, his composing prowess would be worth nothing.

Emotional and Intellectual Weight

Leisure time is when humans can develop this inspiration. The mind can be free to let thoughts come out that would normally be suffocated by everyday concerns and momentary tasks. You can afford to let yourself contemplate things outside of your immediate concern that has more emotional and intellectual weight, and this is what leads to the type of inspiration necessary to create meaningful music.

You can improve Your Composition

Most great artists are known to require leisure time in order to really function at their best.

and the reason for this is that art is not a mindless task; it requires a worldview and the skill to convey it to the senses.

So if you are wondering how you can improve your composition, remember that is not just about the pure craft.

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