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Sep 12, 2019
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How To Stretching Your Guitar Strings

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How To Stretching Your Guitar Strings

Stretching Your Guitar Strings

Guitar players know what can happen when their instruments go out of tune. That is why they stretch their strings properly. Not only their strings will last long, but they will also create wonderful music especially when they use the guitar effects pedals. It is enough to do even a slight bend on the higher strings that they go out of tune. To avoid this, do not forget to stretch your strings before playing.

In case you are a beginner and kind of worried about the process, stay cool, it is quite easy. Only you need time and patience. You have to change your strings with new ones every now and then.

Restring Your Guitar

First, restring your guitar, and then stretch the strings. do this before turning them for the first time and they will not break. This will help you to keep your guitar in tune.

You need a plane surface to place your guitar on, or on your lap. Use your index finger and your middle finger of your left hand to push down on the low E string at the first fret. Slide your thumb on your right hand under the low E string at the fifth fret. Now gently pull up the low E string while still pushing down with your left hand. Be gentle and do not pull too hard. You can pull approximately one inch off and away from the guitar bridge up and down, a few times.

There a peak of the tension you can feel with your fingers.

Lower the string back into place. You need to do this procedure two or three times at the same string.

Now, you have finished stretching the first string. Move your left hand up two frets and your right hand up two frets and repeat procedure. Repeat until you reach the fifteenth fret. Do the same for the rest of the strings.

Once the strings stretched

You go to the next stage, tuning your guitar. You can do this by an electric tuner. The following step is stretching again like before.  Probably you will have to tune the strings once again. These actions require plenty of patience.

You have to continue stretching and tuning alternatively your strings until they can stretch without going out of tune. Do this as many times as necessary. Once you have finally reached that point, you have successfully accomplished the task.


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