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Sep 4, 2019
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Singing With Power

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Singing With Power

Perhaps you have had the experience of singing with a group of people and finding there is someone whose voice seems to boom out twice as loud as everybody else’s does. How is it that some people seem to have a voice with enough power to wake the dead and yet others can barely be heard singing in their own bathroom?

It’s true that some people are born with naturally louder singing voices than others. Somehow, the unique structure of their throat, vocal chords, chest and head is able to produce a larger volume of sound than is normal. The main thing to keep in mind here is that being able to sing loudly is not necessarily very musical by itself. Musically satisfying singing is a combination of many things to do with the range of tone you produce, the character in your voice, the emotion you can convey and the empathy you display towards the lyric and music.

Strong Dynamic Voice

No matter what type of voice you have there is plenty of potentials for you to build a strong dynamic voice. Improving your technique will increase your singing power in many ways.

Ways to Improve Your Vocal Power

You need to control your breathing from your diaphragm. A breathy voice is a weak voice. When taking a breath to sing exert a little pressure from the main breathing muscles – the diaphragm and upper and lower abdominal muscles. Do this to hold back the air from rushing out as you sing. Also, make sure you do not lose your breath on the soft unfocused sounds like when whispering. Focus instead on the hard vowel sounds in every word, just as you do when you speak.

To create a louder more resonant voice you need to open up the back of your throat when you sing. Some refer to this as an inner smile or a half yawn. Either way, you should get used to the sensation of raising your soft pallet when you sing which also makes it easier to pass more freely from the lower tones to the higher tones without hearing your register break.

Practice Singing in Front of The Mirror

Drop your jaw. Your mouth is your soundhole. Practice singing in front of the mirror until you get out of the habit of locking your jaw and muffling your voice when you sing.

Project your voice forward off the back of your throat when you sing. Do not try to grab at the sound with your throat muscles, this inhibits your voice and can damage your vocal cords. These techniques are well tried and tested from the opera house to the popular stage. Use them and you will not fail to create a powerful singing voice.
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