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Jul 25, 2019
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Choose a Guitar Case How -To

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Choose a Guitar Case

Holster or case is a very important accessory for any guitar that will keep it safe, and protect against damage during transportation or shipping. Therefore, this short article and will talk about how to choose a guitar case. It’s no secret that the new tool to protect and treat it carefully.

This is especially important for those who have acquired a new and expensive guitar, which was the dream for a long time. Even if you have a budget model, it too should keep at least that, future, you could successfully sell. Therefore, the choice of cover no less important issue that should be takes quite seriously.

The main purpose of the cover – a tool to protect against external environmental influences that affect both the appearance of the guitar and her work and sound. In addition to this bag is perfect for storing switching, effects pedals or processor, power supply unit, but in a small pocket, for example, can be stored mediators. Depending on the destination, guitar cases are dived into several types, among which are:


Protect the guitar from the high/low temperature.


Protect the instrument from falling to moisture.


Such an Instrument Case has resistance characteristics. Resistant to external impacts.

Most severe cases, these divided into three types:

Soft. These covers are mainly made ​​of practical materials created a synthetic based.

The main objective of this cover – protection of the guitar from dust, temperature changes, and minor damage.

The advantages include a low cost and lightweight.
The semi-rigid. Such cases do not concede soft practicality, but it can protect your guitar from damage due to impact or falls. For the price, they are more expensive, and in weight a little more.

Hard. These covers can be attributed to trunks and cases that are already able to maximally protect your guitar from all the negative factors that can damage it. The shortcomings can identify as large size, weight, and high price. They made from plastic trunks, leather, or wood. The guitar in such a case is extremely uncomfortable to wear, prepared to back pain.

Of course, it is best to cover purchase simultaneously with the guitar, especially if the size and shape not standard or any unusual. In addition, if you still do not get it done right, then if you then go to the store, do not forget to take a guitar that is already in place to try on her case.

If far from the shop, you can put on some soft guitar bag for her not to damage or borrow a friend’s bag at a time, until you buy a personal one.
To keep the guitar at home, you would be the best soft case.

Nevertheless, if you decide to take a trip to the guitar or just go out with her on the street, then there is an ideal option that would certainly be a denser cover or case. In the winter, it not recommended to immediately get the guitar out of the case as soon as you come off the street in order to avoid condensation. It is better to wait about 20-30 minutes to guitar had time to warm up to room temperature.

That is all; I wish you a successful purchase! I am sure by now, you do not get confused when choosing a guitar case. Good luck to you!

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