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Jul 26, 2019
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How to Choose a Flute for Beginners

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Tips on Choosing a Flute

How to Choose a Flute for Beginners, in the world today and there is a wealth of flute information out there. Tips on Choosing a Flute.

Therefore, I have tried to condense the material down to a manageable size so you can quickly see what it all about. Why is the flute so popular?

Because most people can get a sound out of a flute and the instruments themselves do not cost too much for the beginner. So how much is not much? Well, a good second-hand instrument can be bought for about £180($360) and then the price rises up into the thousands if you want a gold flute or something handmade.

Another option to look into is renting a flute.

How to Choose a Flute for Beginners, This is probably your best bet to start with, as your child can try out the flute and decide if they like it or not without you having to spend lots of money on a new instrument.

When buying a used flute make sure, you ask a professional for advice or even better ask them to come with you to try the instrument. Obviously, this is where Amazon and the local ads are at a disadvantage, as you cannot try before you buy. This is why it is a VERY RISKY activity to buy any musical instrument without inspects it first what age can my child start?

People of all ages and skill levels can play it but the recommended age to start flute lessons is 8-10 years old. 

 Another alternative is the fife. Some teachers have had great success with teaching the file to children as young as 5 years old and then moving them on to the flute later on. Maintenance of the flute is actually a delicate instrument and it does not take a great deal of force to bend a rod or a key and stop the instrument from working.

In addition, the pads (that close the holes to change the notes) need replacing from time to time. Overall, the maintenance costs are not too great. There are many resources available that give you flute information. Nevertheless, here is a very simple one I have found.

Where can I play the flute?

Because the flute is, so widely available it used in many different types of music. Therefore, you can play the flute on its own (solo), in an orchestra, with other flutists in a flute choir, or in a marching band. On the other hand, even a pop band (Do any of you oldies out there remember Jethro Tull?). It is actually a very versatile instrument.

What music is writing for the flute?

The Flute has been around for hundreds of years and there is always new music written for the instrument, therefore, there is plenty of music to play. Where do start? Find a good teacher, someone who will encourage you (or your child). Ask them for advice on getting an instrument, be it from a school or buying a secondhand. Then begin your fluting journey!


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