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Jul 26, 2019
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How much does it cost to repair a Flute

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Explains HOW Flute Repair Works

how much does it cost to repair a flute, Flute repair is something we hope we do not have to think about, but eventually, a visit to the repairperson is inevitable.

The best advice I can give is to do “preventive maintenance” to avoid bigger problems later on, just as you do with your car.

Moreover, taking proper care of your flute will definitely keep those visits to a minimum. Check out the flute care page for advice on handling and caring for your flute.

This will keep the flute in top shape. It is time for a repair visit if notes don’t speak as soon as you play them Pads are sticking Pads look torn or dirty Keys are making noises when you press them Where can you find a good repairman? Like anything else, word of mouth is the best advice.

Most often, you can locate a repairperson at a music store. In larger cities, they maintain their own shop. If you are lucky enough to live close to a flute maker, you might find that they also do repair work. Yet another option is mailing your flute to a technician if you cannot find someone qualified locally.

You will need to have a good recommendation for anyone that you send your flute, and you will need to ensure your flute for its full value. Flute care starts before you even open the case.

Make sure the case is right-side up. Usually, the maker’s name will be on the top of the case. Holding the flute, never grab the flute by the key mechanism.

Hold it at the top of the middle joint. Otherwise, you risk bending the rods, resulting in the incomplete closing of the keys and an airy sound.

While we are talking about holding the flute, let us talk about the safest place for your flute–in your hands!

Not on a chair, on the music stand, on the floor, or anywhere else.

This is how flutes become damage.


You will see some flutists using flute stands, frequently in an orchestral setting when the flutist also plays the piccolo.

Setting the flute on this stand is often more comfortable than leaving it on your lap. However, I do not recommend these for general use.

It’s too easy for them to be accidentally knocked over by children, the dog, even you! Putting the flute together, handling the flute is an important part of flute care.

The flute is a delicate instrument and can easily be bent and misshapen, causing it to play improperly. Gently slide the pieces together with a slight twisting motion. Never put any grease on the joining segments. It is a metal flute, not a wooden clarinet with cork tendons!

Oral hygiene Brush your teeth before playing your flute. Doing this will help keep sugary saliva from entering your instrument and wearing out the flute’s pads.

Clean hands make sure your hands are clean before playing your flute. You do not want to play a dirty, sticky flute, and this helps maintain your flute in proper working order for years to come.

Clean the flute before you put it away Be sure to dry the inside of the flute before you put it away. Leaving moisture inside the flute will cause the keypads to deteriorate faster.

A swab such as the one below is good for drying the inside of the flute. I avoid metal rods at all costs–they can scratch the inside of the flute, a dry flute is essential for optimum flute care.

In my opinion, you should wipe the outside of the flute immediately after you play, Make it a habit you will reward for this extra effort. 

Use a piece of ultra suede for wiping off the outside. This is an expensive material, but you can buy small portions of it at your music store.

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