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Jul 27, 2019
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George Michael – You Have Been Loved Chords

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You Have Been Loved Chords

George Michael – You Have Been Loved Chords

Artist   –  George Michael 
Song   –  You Have Been Loved
Chord   –  Am



|Am| – | –  | –  |

|Am| – | D | –  |

|Am| – | –  | –  |

|B7 | – |Em| –  |




She takes the back road and the lane

Am           D                       Am                          D

Past the school that has not changed in all this time

Am               Em                       Am

She thinks of when the boy was young

Am                              B7  Em                 Am

All the battles she had won just to give him life


That man she loved that man

Am           D  Am

For all his life now we meet to take him flowers

B7                                 |Em| -|

And only god knows why

D                                          B

For what’s the use in pressing palms children fade in

C#         F#m                           Faug

Mother’s arms It’s a cruel world so much to lose

D                                          E                  | E |Am|

And what we have to learn we rarely choose

Gm                                  D

So if it’s god who took her son

Dm                     E                       Am

He cannot be the one living in her mind

F         G        Am

Take care my love she said

F          G                     Am

Don’t think that god is dead

F         G                     Am  F        G             C

Take care my love she said you have been loved

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