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Jul 24, 2019
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Custom Guitar Picks

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Custom Guitar Picks

If you want to learn to play the guitar or bass, you are going to need two things: a guitar and a pick. Most picks you see will be in the shape of an isosceles triangle with all three corners rounded. Need to know how to hold it? Usually on the shortest side of the triangular piece.

Back in the day picks were made by filing down things like metal, amber, stone, bone, shell, wood, cattle bone, or even ivory. Today, picks are made from wood, metal, glass, rubber, felt, and tortoiseshell. But plastic is by far the most common pick you can find today thanks to D’Andrea Picks in 1922.

Your guitar pick can be like your business card these days if you are a serious player. Here are some of the more unique types you will find on the market today.


really, it is hard to find an artist today that not have his or her own custom picks. They use them to play and usually end up throwing them into the crowd. Moreover, it is fun to design your own.

Steve Clayton

This Company was one of the first to create multi-colored imprinting for guitar picks.


I do not know about these. They seem to be all the rage on the Internet right now, but I wonder about a) the authenticity and b) the legality of these. They are expensive too, so be careful.

Red Bear

a very cool company that has been making picks in Nevada since 2003. 


exactly what it implies. Go to eBay and do a little search. You will find enough to keep you busy.


do not get too excited. We are talking about picks with Beatles logos and things of that nature, not the real deal. There are some cool ones out there. (My favorites are the ones where the pick is the head of one of the Fabs!)


if you cannot find one out of the 6500 they have, and then I do not know what to tell you. You can also buy in bulk here.

How to Make Your Own

Not as hard as you might think. People used to do it all the time. Get your hands on some tortoiseshell or seashells and start grinding.

All right, I think you get the point. You can go old school and make your own personalized pick or buy bulk and get yourself 5000 plastic ones. The choice is yours. Learn to play well and it will not matter what pick you use.


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