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Jul 24, 2019
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Children Will Always Want to Play Musical Instruments ?

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Children Will Always Want to Play Musical Instruments?

Choosing the right musical instrument

children will enjoy can be a challenging subject. (Children Will Always Want to Play Musical Instruments ) There have been many pages written on the subject but still, it can be a minefield. Where should you begin? First, not fall into the trap of picking the easiest instrument for your child. There are no easy instruments. All instruments have their own complexities and you have to examine all the pros and cons before making your choice (or should I say until the child makes their choice!). In fact, it is all very well pushing a child onto a particular instrument (maybe because you missed playing get when you were a child?). However, it really does have to be THE CHILD’S CHOICE. They are the one who is going to have to put in the countless hours of practice, not you. Now it is true that some people in this world have a natural gift for a certain instrument and they just seem to able to surge ahead in their musical studies. That is GREAT! NEVERTHELESS, to be truly great musician you have to practice. There are NO short cuts. Do you want to know why? Because Music is actually two disciplines;

  1. The mechanical learning of patterns for your fingers to follow in order for your instrument to play a tune.

  2. The emotional enactment of bringing the musical symbols on the page to life and communicating your musical ideas to the world around you.

Now you cannot fully achieve #2 until you have mastered #1. Why? Because #1 will always trip you up and take your attention away from the fact you are trying to communicate. So Practice, Practice, Practice. Here are some points to bear in mind when thinking about what instrument your child would like to play:

  1. The cost of the instrument 2. Size of your child (hand size etc.)

  2. How loud the instrument is and do you have a room where they can practice without disturbing the whole house? (Not always practical)
  3. Is there a good teacher nearby to instruct your child?

  4. Do you have room to store and play the instrument? Will you need to get a bigger car?

  5. What kind of music interests your child? I am sure my brother and sister gave up because the type of music they taught did not interest them.
  6. I do believe there is the right instrument for most people. There may even be more than one. Try a few different ones if your child cannot decide.
  7. If you do not find the right instrument at the beginning not be put off, try something else.
  8. It needs to be fun! There is no reason why it has to be a slog! So much teaching out there is dull, dull, and dull!

  9. Your little cherub will not ever practice if they hate their teacher and hate the music they are playing.

  10. I forced to practice for many years. I cannot say enjoyed it (that came much later) but you have to practice to improve. A certain amount of pushing is needed; just do not forget to praise!
  11. Do you want to be one of the crowds or to stick out! Some instruments are to play in large groups others are not. However, playing any instrument does wonder for a child’s confidence.
  12. Music is about playing with other people, so what kind of group does your child want to play? This may color your choice of instrument.
  13. Start on a simpler or smaller instrument if you need to. Any experience will help later on.
  14. Do you know the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to consider when choosing an instrument? It is the sound of the instrument! Everyone seems to miss this point. I mean music is about making sound and if you love a particular kind of sound made by a particular kind of instrument then you are much more likely to enjoy the experience.                                                                                      Learn More about Music theory 
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