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Oct 3, 2019
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Article Marketing for Musicians

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Article Marketing for Musicians

Although it has not covered in-depth, article marketing cans very effective method for musicians to promote their websites and music. Most of the time, composers and musicians are told to market their work with social media and networking sites, and maybe to get some music videos up on YouTube. This is all good advice, but it is leaving out something that could prove to be one of the best long-term marketing strategies: search engine traffic.

Search Engine Traffic for Web Sites

If a musician can secure search engine traffic for sites that feature their music, they will have a consistent source of new potential listeners and fans, which can mean more album sales and profit. What even more important about search traffic that it will be targeted, meaning that the people who search for and find the site you have gotten ranked should be looking for the information on that site if you have properly targeted the right keywords with your information.

Applied to music, this could mean getting a steady stream of search engine traffic searching for the type of music you make, and ending up at your site, which means that you will be getting new people exposed to your music that already likely to like it. This would be a powerful marketing situation.

Most Music Related Keyword

Unfortunately, this easier said than done. The most music-related keyword would be close to impossible to build up a strong enough site to rank high in the searches. In order to have any success with this idea, you will need two things: niche targeting, and article marketing.

Niche Target

By niche targeting, I simply mean that you will have to target more specific keywords that describe or relate to your music. It may hard to get a website ranking for a term like ‘rap music’, but it’s not so hard to get ranked for ‘rap music for when you are eating cake’. This is an extreme example, but you need to be creative to find the right keyword to target. It should be free of competition but still, have enough people searching for it to make it worthwhile.

High Ranked Keyword to Target

Article marketing going to the best way to get a website or blog ranked high in the search engines, which places value on having incoming links to your site. By writing some music articles and linking back to your site with them, you can slowly build up its power, and if you have chosen a good keyword to target, it should not take long to reach your goal.

Article marketing and targeted niche development are the keys to getting constant search traffic for musicians, which is something that most people never bother with, but you need to give yourself every advantage possible as a music producer in order to make a living.

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