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Jul 25, 2019
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Are you a Music Theory Beginner

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Are you a Music Theory Beginner

Why should you need to understand the music theory? Of course, you do not have to understand how to read music to perform as a musician, but you will need an understanding of music theory.

Yes, there are people who will say that there are many GREAT musicians who can’t read or write music, I agree… HOWEVER, Music is about communicating and we need to be able to communicate what our musical ideas are. So how do we communicate in music?

1. We play by ear. Playing by ear is a definite skill that some people are very good at, and I believe, along with many others that everyone has the ability to play by ear. In fact, I believe it is a skill we should all try to improve.

All we need is a little practice. (Now where have I heard that before?) 

The ability to read and write music is fundamental to putting our musical ideas across the world. It means that music is a truly universal language, one that transcends boundaries, cultures, and races. In addition, the amazing fact of the matter is that once you have written a piece of music it can play ANY musician, ANYWHERE!

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I am a leader of the music band and playing the instrument of keyboards, I have ear about song notes and chords, usually, i tried help to others like music,

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