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Sep 19, 2019
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10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

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10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Sometimes, we all need a little help. Misshapen breasts can fix and obvious belly flab removed. However, celebrities can sometimes take it too far, and many do. Here are some of the top examples of celebrity plastic surgeries gone badly.

Michael Jackson

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. While many fans might miss Michael Jackson, it will not be because of his bad plastic surgery. It was obvious that Michael was obsessed with his appearance. Michael Jackson had such extensive and numerous surgeries on his face that his bone structure could no longer support anymore. This was especially apparent on his nose.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Money was not a plus when it came to Jocelyn Wildenstein’s extensive plastic surgery. This upper-class woman rumored to have spent as much as $4 million on elective procedures. Jocelyn has had obvious work done on almost every area of her face. The biggest problem with Wildenstein’s surgeries is that they are so noticeable. Unfortunately, the woman no longer looks natural, earning her the nickname “The Bride of Frankenstein.”

Tara Reid

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Abdominal liposuction did not turn out to be what Tara Reid expected. Instead of smooth abs, the surgeon left her with a lumpy and uneven midsection. In addition, her breast surgery not performed properly, leaving her with nipples that just do not look normal. Sadly, this really affected the celebrity’s career.

Donatella Versace

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. While Donatella Versace may rule the runway, she needs to stick to designing clothing. This biggest issue with Donatella’s botched plastic surgeries is that they lack subtlety. She is particularly notorious for over-the-top lip injections, leaving her mouth looking like she suffers from a massive bee sting or allergic reaction.

Joan Rivers

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Joan Rivers is not only known for being funny but for being obsessed with fixing her face. It’s hard to say what she’s had done in total, but it likely includes neck liposuction, nose jobs and numerous facelifts. Like other queens of plastic surgery, Joan has taken it too far, done too much and just does not look natural anymore.

Courtney Love

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. It’s hard to know where to start with celebrity Courtney Love. She not only joins Tara Reid with botched abdominal liposuction but also has had nose jobs that were less than impressive. Supposedly, she recognizes the error of her ways and has sworn off new procedures.

Janet Jackson

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Janet Jackson has a few issues that earn her a spot of the list. Not only has she worked on her face like her famous brother Michael, but she also has breast implants that are less-than-stellar. In fact, in some photographs, you can see obvious dents around where her implants sit. She shares this post-surgery flaw with another celebrity, Vivica Fox.

Kenny Rogers

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Kenny Rogers proves that it isn’t just women who make mistakes under the knife. He has been open about his plastic surgery disappointment. After having a face-lift to reduce smile lines, his eyes and brow look too stretched and taut. Strangely, it also makes his neck look heavier; hopefully, that will not prompt him to try neck liposuction.

Victoria Beckham

10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Once known for her trendy singing group, Victoria Beckham now most often cited for a bad boob job. Not only are her breast implants too large for her small frame, but they are unnaturally round. In some shots, you can see excess skin in her armpits that spills out the side of sexy tops. While a bit of cleavage is always nice, armpit overage is just not pretty.

Gary Busey and Hilary Duff

Celebrity Plastic SurgeriesCelebrity Plastic Surgeries

  1. Two celebrities earn a spot for dental work. While not as common as other bad plastic surgery, teeth implants and veneers can look a bit obvious. Both Gary Busey and Hilary Duff are cited as having teeth that are just too big, too perfect or both.
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